Blue Bench 13-1 SWD

  • Invested $3 million to upgrade the surface facilities and perform a complete workover of the injection well.
  • Since acquiring ownership of the SWD Facility, Sage Water Resources has increased water volumes by 5x, increased crude volumes by 8x and increased crude quality by 20x.
  • In January 2019, all surface Facilities were updated to meet strict environmental and regulatory permits.
  • In June 2019, Sage Water Resources performed a workover of the existing salt water injection well to clean out and inspect the wellbore, re-permit existing zones and perforate new zones to optimize the injection capability of the SWD.
  • Best in class water disposal solution for Uintah Basin producers.
  • Allows Uintah Basin Operators to meet Indian Preference requirements established by UTERO and the Bill Of Rights Office.
  • Located At: 5150 S. Hwy 87, Duchesne, Utah 84021