Pipeline Corridor Proximity
Pipeline Corridor Overview
  • A lack of transportation and refining for high-value crude results in $0.5 billion to $1.0 billion of lost revenue each year from the Uintah.
  • Sage is partnering with leaders in the oil and gas industry to build solutions which will help improve transportation of crude out of the basin and increase the amount of crude produced in the Uintah.
  • Sage Energy is uniquely positioned to work with stakeholders on the project given our deep knowledge of the Uintah Basin, the energy industry, and business development between operators and Indian Country using unique sovereign rights.
  • Our partnerships will benefit those in the basin by:
    • Coordinating and facilitating the acquisition, transportation, and marketing of crude oil production in the Uintah Basin,
    • Providing producers with increased take-away capacity, lower transportation costs, and finding a long-term off-take contract with a price that could improve over time,
    • And by working together on infrastructure and facility development for the purpose of crude gathering processing and transportation to increase takeaway capacity and pricing for the basin’s operators.
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