Tribal Business Committee

Six elected officials that make up the governing body of the Ute Indian Tribe. The Business Committee is responsible for the management of the Tribes resources to improve the socio-economic well-being for current and future Tribal members.

Ute Tribe Employment Rights Office (UTERO)

Promotes the self-sufficiency of the Tribe and its members by addressing the employment needs of the Indian residents of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation and enforcing Indian Preference policies. The Tribe exercises its authority to implement this Ordinance under its inherent sovereign powers delegated by the U.S. Congress.

Ute Tribe Bill Of Rights Office

In addition to UTERO, the Ute Tribe Bill Of Rights Office was created to enforce the individual Tribal Members right to participate in the economic development of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation as mandated by the Tribe’s Constitution.

Ute Indian Tribe Energy and Minerals Department

Focused on enhancing and protecting the minerals and surface estates of the Ute Indian Tribe.  Promote the increased oil and gas exploration and production on the Reservation by supporting energy infrastructure projects that benefit the Tribe and its members.

Ute Tribal Enterprises

Committed to the ongoing success of Indian owned businesses owned by Ute Indian Tribe on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation in northeastern Utah. All Indian owned businesses in existence are incorporated subsidiaries of Ute Tribal Enterprises (U.T.E.). Stockholders of the corporation are all Ute Indian Tribal members, and our Board of Directors are the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Responsible for the administration and management of 55 million acres of land held in trust by the Native Americans in the United States.